"Much more than a laboratory, a strategic ally"

CANAGROSA is an industrial laboratory and provider of comprehensive technical services. A reference in physical-chemical testing, process control, calibrations and integral metrological management in the most advanced industrial sectors.

We provide global customers with valuable support at all stages of their value chain. In this endeavour CANAGROSA turns Quality into Excellence.


Commitment to the customer, the team and the solution.


Transparency, integrity, and professional ethics.


Approachability and friendliness to resolve effectively.


Flexibility and agility in serving others.


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Environmental tests

Controlled environmental conditions tests are used to evaluate the behaviour of materials and their treatments under standardised and extreme climatic and corrosion conditions. Canagrosa has the capability to carry out cyclic, continuous and ageing controlled conditions tests, designing and optimising the applied parameters according to our client’s needs.

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